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Regency Freeform Plans

So, I blame that-guy-what-accuses-me-of-breaking-internet-law. :P But, as a rough poll, for those who played (or GMed) All Hallow's Eve (my regency freeform from a few years ago), I was wondering on your opinions...

I'll be the first to admit that the game had three glaring issues - one character had the remains of a plot I had removed from the game on their character sheet (Mrs Gray), and two of the gentlemen were a bit plot-light and ended up with little to do by the end of the game (Mr DuMontford and Mr Harrington). So, if I were to run a sequel, I'd have to avoid that again. I've also decided that the Changeling plot, while it suited the game, is not something I want to have in a sequel - I'm not sure that it would add anything.

The second point is that I'd like to have some returning characters. Maybe a young married couple (who were single in the last game). Maybe one of the more mature ladies who is just plain fun to have around. Maybe an older gentleman with unresolved plots.

I already have some ideas on that subject, and of a new set-up; the characters are guests at a ball, being held in a new location by a new host. This time, the characters don't necessarily know eachother (to have the pressure of introductions and the mystique of unknown individuals).

All this is by the by to my real point, though... I was curious as to which characters you, gentle reader, would like to see return in a sequel game, and why. Or give me your input as to what may have happened in the year or so since the events of All Hallow's Eve. So, I present to you, the previous character list! Enjoy. :)

Characters - All Hallow's Eve

Lord Oliver Kitterige – A handsome, wealthy, titled widower, and the host of Fellsmoor Manor.
Miss Pearl Kitterige – The beautiful daughter of Lord Oliver, and heir to the Kitterige estate. She is a sweet, gentle girl, filled with wonder and curiosity.
Lady Ursula Montgomery – An exceedingly wealthy dowager, and a fearsome woman not to be trifled with. She is the chaperone of Miss Victoria Tarrant.
Miss Victoria Tarrant – Strikingly beautiful, Miss Tarrant is a woman of prodigious talents and accomplishments. What she lacks in status she makes up for with sense and forbearance.
Mrs Joan Ashcroft – A woman of dull intellect, vulgar taste, poor manners, and a rather unfortunately large fortune. Chaperoning her two grown up granddaughters, Sophia and Magdalena.
Miss Sophia Ashcroft – A plain, vulgar and exceedingly rich girl who stands to inherit the majority of the Ashcroft fortune.
Miss Magdalena Ashcroft – The prettier, cleverer younger sister to Miss Ashcroft.
Mr James Gray – A languid, aging Regency buck with a delight in the ridiculous.
Mrs Eliza Gray – A rather lovely woman with a flair for the dramatic and a keen sense of the value of a pound. Chaperone to Miss Sterling.
Miss Cora Sterling – A fiercely intelligent, wilful girl, highly opinionated and sharp-witted.
Mrs Drucilla Fairfax – Handsome, elegant, well learned, widely travelled, absolutely charming, and just a little mysterious. Chaperone to Miss Bridget Quinn.
Miss Bridget Quinn - Her history seems just as mysterious as that of her chaperone. A charming girl with a quiet, almost diffident disposition and ver fine eyes.
Mr Piers Portermain – A private detective of some great reputation.
Dr Edward Wexley – The assistant to Portemain, Wexley is a man of keen intellect and scientific mind.
Mr Randall DuMontford – DuMontford is everything a young gentleman should be, but taken an extreme extent; cool, reserved, and relying too much on propriety.
Mr Arden Braithwait – A young buck from a wealthy family who appreciates the finer things in life.
Mr Graham Harrington – Charming and personable, he combines the propriety of a gentleman with a cheerful (if a little sarcastic) sense of humour.
Major Nathaniel Dixon – A somewhat stuffy, self-important military man, but by and large harmless.
Mr Rhys Carmichael – Rumoured to be a rake and a cad of the first order, but as he is a guest of Lord Oliver, however, he must be accepted by all…
Mr Henry Glover – A polite young man who is a jeweller. While it is unusual to see a person in trade in such genteel society, he seems to know his place and in no way acts above his station.

The Help
Lucien – Lord Oliver’s valet, who serves to assist the gentlemen in any way they may require during their stay at Fellsmoor Manor. He is a highly efficient and discreet servant, although his haughty manner can be disagreeable and off-putting.
Hepzibah – Miss Kitterige’s maid in waiting, who attends to the needs of the ladies. She is somewhat coarse in manner and perhaps a little too free with her tongue, although she is very loyal to and protective of her young mistress.
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