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OKay, it's about 7.30 and I have about another hour's work ahead of me. I've been in the lab since 8.30 am, my wrist (left) which has been aching for the passed two weeks is really hurting, I'm super tired, and I think my immune system has just said, "Screw you hippy, I'm going home."

I'm supposed to go grocery shopping and wash the dishes tonight - hah. Not bloody likely.

Upsides - I don't have to come in until about 10 am tomorrow. I've made a quack appointment for my wrist. The freeform, in its entirety, has been printed out and will be stapled at some stage. That, and in about 5 or 6 days time I can officially begin writing my Changeling freeform. Did I mention how keyed up about it I am? Because I'm pretty damn excited.

Stay tuned for more highlights from the Wonderful Sleep Deprived World of Becka.