Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Ouch ouch ouch

Wrist if hurting more now. I suspect it may have to do with the manipulations the Dr did yesterday to see if it was broken or not. Sigh.

"Birthday" preparations are all but done, "A Night in Nexus" preparations done except for the stapling of all the sheets, but hey - that's what reggo is for.

Today is a complete write off, as we have a morning tea, a lab lunch, and cake for someone's birthday this afternoon. Oh, and I should turn off the autoclave before I forget. In the words of Homer, it's a lazy dog-dangling afternoon.

I'm hoping my wrist improves over this next week, because having radioactive isotopes injected into me to test for bone re-growth stikes me as unpleasant. On the other hand, i could wear my radiation badge to see if I am overly radiated by the end of it. Heh.

Jye and Alex had a playtest last night, which went well, but I didn't get much sleep again. Yesterday's nap was wasted it seems.
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