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Much to everyone's surprise, I got out of the house for two weekends in a row.

My brother's engagement party was good, although it wiered me out a little bit to realise that the hordes of people in the room that I didn't know were soon to be my extended family. Eeek. Jye was a wet blanket and wanted to leave almost as soon as he got there, so it was a little tough to keep up enough enthusiasm and politeness for both of us. Kiri's family are all very nice, however, which is quite a relief.

In other news, my father (in his infinite tact) said I looked like a French tart.

I went on rampant spending sprees this weekend, too, with a whole bunch of impule buying. I bought an Emily t-shirt with the best message in the whole world -"My Problem is You". Which I'm wearing right now. Heh. I also got stuff to make more Changeling House banners (shameless plug - house_fiona) and, in my madness, I also got a whole lot of yarn and some knitting needles.

Yes, folks, I'm teaching myself to knit. Why? Because I want a Ravenclaw House scarf. Why? Because I am a hopeless, hopeless geek.

We also have a new video card, and Morrowind - Tribunal runs much, much better.

I have developed a theory that if I come up with the plot and the characters for a single session ninja game, I can write it in one day. Because I am obviously insane. I'll keep you posted.
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