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So very sleepy

Best quote of the week so far: "Tommy, there's been a major mis-fuck-up, and it's all my fault." From Tom's (ex)boss, as relayed to us by Tom.

Knitting progresses - I have moved on to my real wool (not my practice wool) and am hopeful I will continue my enthusiasm enough to at least half finish it.

Tonight is the first session of the last year of my Harry Potter game. I am kind of excited, while at the same time being slightly jaded. I am hoping that really big and impressive things happen this year, although only time will tell. Still only two players, since Alex is still in Japan, Polly is still in Bendigo, and Jack still has better things to do - although I am hoping for a reunion sometime during this last year.

We have patched Morrowind on the PC with the Moogle mod (c/o Ian from, and is seems to be much goodness. More moogley goodness to follow.

I continue to hide from my work load.
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