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Tuesday blues

Hey all.

If you havn't read today's Megatokyo strip, you should do so. Funny.

Bunyip is doing fine and her operation has been planned for next week on tuesday. I should be able to take her in first thing and bring her home that night, because I live just around the corner. They are going to make be pay a 50% deposite up front, which is fine, but reminds me that some people must get irate if their animal dies in surgery and refuse to pay. I don't like thinking that my cat could die, no matter how remote that chance may be.

For those who don't knwo, I hate tuesdays. Hate them. I guess it's fitting then that she will be going under the knife (or liquid nitrogen as the case may be) on a tuesday.

I've been working on my sorely neglected lit review today. It's begining to shape up okay, but I have another 4000 or so words to type up. No real biggie.

Jye still has my card to I can't get any money out and our house is empty of food. Hungry becka... Tonight we wil go shopping and I will eat again. Mmmmm - eating. I remember what that is like.

Just for the record, Polly is a pika, but I love him dearly anyway. We've decided to audition for big brother 3 together, so hat we can bitch about every body and try to bring some much needed thought power to the show.

I think I'm suffering from brain-death at the moment from sifting thought these mind-numbingly boring papers to find that one sentance which sums up my point. Or points. I dunno. Something like that. In any case, I need sleep. More sleep for me. And food.

I hate being so disjointed in thought.
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