Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Do not go softly

bunyip_the_cat is at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. She is not a well cat.

Her condition isn't serious per se, but she does have to go under anasthetic. Which, of course, is a problem for a few reasons. One, she is not a well cat. Two, she's about seventeen. Older cats are alwasys risky to put under anasthetic. I know this. I've heard this before.

When the vet starts talking about the possibility of organ failure, though, it hurts. It hurts a whole lot. She's probably be okay.

But she might not.

And it hurts.


bunyip_the_cat is home, without the need of surgery. She is feeling very sorry for herself, but it resting comfortably.
Tags: bunyip
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