Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

All the burning

I'm just... sad.

I didn't really pay any attention to the news until last night. It only got worse this morning. The whole thing just seems to surreal to me, and yet so... inescapable.

Everyone I've seen today is sombre. Flat. Everything is quiet, and people are walking around with their eyes downcast, lips pursed, and just plain sad. It's... I can't find the words to describe how... pervasive it is.

My throat is still raw from the smoke, and I am so far away, so untouched by it... and yet, like all of Melbourne, like all of Victoria, like all of Australia, I'm just... saddened by it all.

They're saying that who ever started these fires will be found and tried for mass murder. I want this to happen. I want justice. But what justice can there be? No justice, no sentence, no revenge will bring back the 750 homes, the two towns, the 107 (latest confirmed number, likely to rise) dead.

It's just all so fucking sad.
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