Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Food again.

I managed to eat some meat today (although a chicken schnizel sandwich is about as far away from 'flesh' as you can get without processing), which is a step in the right direction. Probably won't be able to face the prospect of beef for a few more days, though. And the worst part is, I'll be doing another lot of mice next week, and the week after that. Fortunately the diet lemon coke is helping, since the totally artificialness of it helps me get over the flesh after-taste.

I searched all through the city today, except for Minotaur and Initial D, for a copy of Gohatto on DVD. No joy. Minotaur can get a copy, but for $80-90, and no matter hope much I pined Initial D wouldn't open (and I waited until 12). But I am confident that my geekness/fan-girlness will ensure that I get a copy soon, but what ever means necessary. Mmmm - bishi...

I was also distressed to find out that the Battlefaeries site closed down a few months ago - it was ace. I will now need to find something else to waste my time on...
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