Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Boring, bland, annoying weekends.

Well, everyone else on the planet seems to have had a fantastic weekend, except for me. Stupid training, and a stupid committee meeting at 8am on Sunday. Even Jye's weekend was far nuch more interesting than mine, seeing as how he went to a wedding and the next day hung out with some old college friends. Sigh.

I managed to safely deposit around $650 of other people's money today for both Naginata organisations I am involved in, which is a relief. That, and I found out that one of the clubs will not be fined $500 by the Justice Department. Hooray.

But another piece of interesting news that I probably shouldn't be telling you is that Mr Nagae (and Mrs Nagae) has gone over to Japan to be presented with a Merit Award of the Fifth Order, which is to be presented by the Emperor himself. Which, quite frankly, is ace.

Work never ceases. Sigh.

Tomorrow I'll be having coffee with James B, who I havn't seen in ages, and tomorrow evening is Harry Potter (must think of compelling plot). Wednesday, Jye, myself and vorex will be going to see X-Men 2, and while all are welcome, I just know this will end up with me running another X-Men game. Damn you, creative brain, don't you know I'm suffering from GM burn-out as it is?! If anyone is interested i8n coming out and mocking me, feel free.

And after a weekend of late nights, early mornings, and lack of sleep, the niggling sore throat has finally begun to get the better of me, and I think I am coming down with a cold. I hate colds, and I hate being tired. Even my cup of tea cannot console me. I yearn for the sweet embrace of the bed...

and I find this funny...

Your Are A Bounty Hunter
You are a Bounty Hunter

In A Post-Apocalyptic World, Who Would You Be?
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