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Perfume Companies

I was asked this somewhere else, but I thought I'd post it as it's own entry...

My personal primer on perfume oil companies.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Widely held to be one of the better quality perfume oil etailers out there, BPAL oils are vegan, cruelty free, and cover a huge range of scents. They tend to be kind of expensive, but the quality makes up for the price. The main complaints I have with them are that some of the perfume notes they use really don't agree with me (which is a problem because their perfumes are so strong), and they can be a little slow in shipping (due to being popular enough to be inundated with clients).

My favourites; O, Snake Oil, Jezebel.


I have a real affection for Possets. A lot of BPAL perfumes tend to be a little too fussy for me, with too many notes and too much going on, while Possets perfumes tend to lean towards less notes and more... I don't know... elegant scents. Possets are cheaper than BPAL, and their shipping is a lot faster, but they have a smaller variety of scents to choose from - a lot of their perfumes tend to be a bit same-y, which isn't a problem if you want a variation on a theme. When people ask me about perfume, I always recommend BPAL first, because they are more popular, but Possets second, because they are more accessable scents. The oils are probably a little less quality that BPAL, but at the end of the day if they get the job done, who am I to complain?

My favourites: Haute Love, Simulated Cupid

Arcana Soaps

Again, another company that I have a real affection for. Arcana oils tend to lay somewhere between BPAL and Possets - they are not quite as complex as BPAL oils but feel more refined than Possets. Arcana is one of the few perfume companies I've found that do citrus scents really, really well. A lot of their perfumes tend to be a little too heavy on the patchouli and vetivert for my likes, but I am notoriously fussy about that kind of thing. A lot of their perfumes have a more herbal note to them, which is a nice change from a lot of other companies and stops them being too heavy.

My favourites; Ganesh, Ambrosia, the Ulda

Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

I always feel a little embarassed mentioning this company, because they really do feel very cheesey and 70s/80s chic. The fact of the matter is, however, that a lot of their oils really are very good. A lot of them strike me as the sort of thing bored housewives who want to try something a little "daring" might like, but if you can get over that, there's a good chance you will find something there you like. As a bonus, they have a pheromone-charged range; perfumes with synthetic pheromones which, if you believe the reviews, work as well as your natural hormones to promote an air of friendship or dominance or come take me now, depending on which one you use. Their perfumes are hit and miss for me, but are a lot of fun none-the-less.

My favourites; Sugared: Pure, Une, Slave to Sin
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