Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Mutant X-Becka

X-men 2 last night. Fan-fucking-tastic. I can see why people who are not X-men geeks may not have enjoyed it as much, but it was damn good for me. The only 2 real issues I had were the lack of character development (which would have required an extra hour's worth of footage and, let's face it, it was primarily an action film), and two, the fact that they couldn't get themselves a second schtick, they had to use one of the major plot devices from the first one.

All that aside - Nightcrawler rocks my world. SPFX rule. And Jean Gray - my, my, my... I saw that one coming from about a mile off, but I was all but squealing with excitement throughout the whole film because of it. Bam.

And, for all those who are interestred, constable Jeff told me yesterday that I could indeed belt someone with a big stick if I find them in my backyard again, because "No copper in his right mind would do you in for it". Ah, the joys of seeming a weak woman on the outside, but being skilled in the art of stick-belting on the inside.

I've pretty much gotten over the freaky man in the backyard now, but it's still going to be a few days before I am comfortable in the house by myself. No biggie.
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