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Post Mousum

I killed and dissected my mice yesterday. Today comes the really unpleasant part - cleaning the jaws. There is something truly icky about boiling a little chunk of mouse head, so that I could peel the cooked flesh off 3 mm worth of bone. Sigh.

I am apparently going to Hype:Reloaded via Gold Class tomorrow with Jye, his boss and his boss's girlfriend. This should be... interesting.

I have also decided that my next large-ish purchase should be the 4 volumes of "The Essential X-Men Collection". My pretencious reason will be that the comic series has had a huge impact on the sub-culture of the comic book world, being one of the first of the 'big' series (including Superman and Batman, and other long-lasting series). My geeky reason - I am a hopeless fan-girl. Hear me roar.



I went out and bought the afore-mentioned X-Men books. Not only that, but I was served by a cute, hip, enthusiastic comic store guy. Not only that, but we had a nice conversation about X-Men after he asked, "Are you buying these for yourself?". He suggested I read some of the new stuff (once I've read the old stuff I just bought) written by the guy who "is taking X-Men to new placing, and is really pushing the boundries that had been previously set".

Now I need to get some more money, so that I can spend and hope the comic book store guy strikes up more conversation...
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