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Hype:Reloaded report (I don't think I've written any spoilers, but I'm being careful anyway)

While the film was good, for me it wasn't as good as the first one. Why? Well, some of the wire-work was *painfully* obvious (very B-grade HKAT), some of the blue screening was pretty damn obvious (unforgivable for a film of such a huge SPFX budget), and some of the CG was just plain embarassingly bad. A few scenes were very incongruous and out of place. The plot was very different from the first one, which I applaude, but the ending was a bit contrived.

Don't misunderstand, it was a fun film. And you can't go wrong with an 18 min long car chase. But it was not what all the hype was building it up to be. Basically, I would see X-men 2 again before I saw Matrix:Reloaded again. If you're into that kind of thing.

What else has been up? Not a whole lot. Slowly coming up with ideas for a potential X-Men RPG (three troupes of 3-5 players, each with three sessions). Finished reading X-Men Essential Collections volumes 1-4, and have been left with a hunger for more.

Some guy in the department has been sending e-mails inviting people to Bible Group meetings, and asking permission to 'pray' for us. I find this rather offensive, especially as if I tried a stunt like this I would cop a huge amount of flack for it. Sometimes it sucks to belong to a very not-mainstream religion.

Had another pointless fight with Jye last night which was not resolved because he fell asleep.

Whole lot of work to do today. Very lazy. I sense problems.
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