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To make up for pissing me off so thoroughly on Sunday, last nigth Jye took me out for dinner and a movie (X2, for the second time). I did appreciate the effort, but all his good work was very nearly undone on the way home as we discussed Hype:Reloaded. We have very, VERY different opinions on the movie, you see (a flawless masterpiece of depth, plot, characters, fight-scenes and special effects VS. a shallow, arrogent, pretensious film with questionable CGI/wirework/blue-screening given its budget filled with largely unsympathetic characters). Don't misunderstand, I *did* enjoy it, I just felt that it had so much potential which was wasted.

While I want to come up with really cool character/plot ideas for these three or four games I am planning for the future (Changeling freeform (house_fiona), Morrowind game, ninja con game, X-Men game), I am finding it really hard. I think part of the problem is that my Harry Potter game has run for so very long, so very regularly that I am quite nastily burnt out. I like telling stories, not running games for months and years on end, and I am finding it really difficult to keep up my enthusiasm. Which is sad, because I know that locked away inside of me is one really, earth-shatteringly good game that people will remember, and will change the face of gaming in Melbourne from that point onwards. Arrogent? Yeah, probably, but you've gotta have goals. I guess that's mine.

In other news, Jye and I should be heading over to Sarah and Tomasu's place on saturday night for some sort of frivolity. Sarah thinks it would be a grand time for me to come out clubing, and while I agree with the idea, the actuality of going out is a little scary to me. It's been so long since I actually went out that, well, I guess I'm afraid I'll suck at it. Stupid reasoning, to be sure, but it's my reasoning.

Oh, and I'm feeling guilty for not keeping in better contact with people in general. My bad.
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