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Feeling very flat and a little on the unhappy side. Probably due to my family being a secretive bunch, never telling people anything about themselves until years later. That and a certain day which is coming up, which always leaves me feeling down and lonely. But that's just me.

Jye used retail therapy again to help cheer me up. Bought me some more X-Men comics. He's sweet when he wants to be. ;)

Trying to psych myself up once more for house_fiona. Am resolved to get Polly and Jack in on the action - I need people to bounce off, and the three of us make grand Changeling schemes... Heh.


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May. 22nd, 2003 10:00 pm (UTC)
You never want my special brand of roleplaying. :(

Why, don't you like my demonsdemonsdemonsdemonsdemons (tm)
its not my fault that everything i touch turns bad : )

bahahahahahahahaahaha, i am sure your games are going well, i should really pop down and see if my old friends exist...
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