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Tacky McTack. We had a mini Eurovision party last night, and it was ace. We all (except for Jye) got tacked up for the occasion - I even brought tacky snacks (pink wagon-wheels...). Passion-pop abounded.

In short, my voice is husky from the screaming with horror and the cheering in glee, I am ever so sleepy from lack of sleep (who would have figured) and I am mildly hung-over. I am so glad that the Belgium socialist-Nazi-pretenders (singing in a made up language, I might add) did not win. It was touch and go for a while there. Bit of a shame tATu didn't do the winning thing, but they also sucked somewhat. Turkey did a fairly decent job, I suppose.

But two other nations had my votes - Israel, for the guy surrounded by the women in school dresses who lost clothes as the number went on, and Poland, for the guy with the amazing clothes, fantastic hair, and grabbing the boob of his co-singer. Yeah, you guys rocked.

Voting for Eurovision seems to largely involve voting for those who are on your borders, or voting for people you screwed over in various wars. I swear, that's the only reason France got any votes.

So yeah, now I've gotta head off for a meeting about animal rights. Yay.
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