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The mighty Becka doth rant

I used to think that I could take the universe by the throat and force it to give me what I wanted.

Now, all I want to do is stand up, give the universe the finger, and shout "FUCK YOU!!!"

Gah. Stupid everything. Nothing specific, which is kind of annoying, but a generic phase of fucked-off-ed-ness. Sick of work. Sick of 4 Kgs. Sick of being tired all the time. Sick of extracurricular commitments. Sick of people who are still shitty at me for things I did when I was a kid. Sick of all the issues my family has. Sick of being an outsider to everything.

Mmmm - venting. I'm awful good at it.

When my conscience was bugging me about not doing enough work, I told it to piss off, but it got its own back hours later by keeping me up with worry.

I should focus on something positive. At least I'm not hung over any more.
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