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Nothing better than coming in to work when you have a fever. W00t. Warning - more l337 likely to follow. I do this when I'm sick. Well, more sick that usual.

I have an ass-load of work to do, but I have done the uber urgent stuff, so I may just go home and snooze. I'm not really hacking up a lung sick, more like dizzy, woozy, sore throat and cotton-wool-headed sick. Mild nasopharangeal inflammation with a general malaise associated with fever, for all those who care.

My Harry Potter game is turning Darky McDark, with half-decaying, shambling animated corpses and everything. Oh, and their best friend since fisrt year turning out to be the vehicle of evil, and sucking then into a dementional portal that lead to the 'Between' space, or that space between worlds. There was player influence on the plot and everything, on the basis of a dice roll. Let it not be said that I am not a nerd. A colossal nerd at that. Rar.

Planning on pretending to work on my work at home today. I suspect I need blankets and hot drinks as pussy. By that I mean my Bunyip-cat, you filthy minded sex-fiends.

I am excited that niki-chan is thoretically in the country. Another chance for me to want to catch up with someone, but be to crap to actually do it.

Did I mention I am in a really shitty mood today? Because I am. SO shitty that I'm afraid I might have arguments with my co-workers for reasons ranging from "stop repressing my individuality, you moronic sheep who cannot have an opinion by yourself", to "stop being such a bougoise pig-dog, you capitalist fucker", to "put on some goddamn weight, you goddamn anorexic, skinny, boney-assed freak". You see? No good for anyone.

I need hugs.
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