Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

getting better

Well, every down eventually has an up (or at least a platau). I think I'm done angsting for the moment.

I had a truly amazing conversation with Jack yesterday, which helped.

Things seem to be going okay in the lab, despite my slackness, and I am occasionally reminded about how non-sucky my supervisers are. Just got some feedback on my plan for my lit review/introduction thing, and it was all positive. Well, maybe not all, but there weren't any negatives. They're nice guys and more tolerant of my differentness.

My Harry Potter RPG is going a bit queer since Polly's absence (how ironic). I dunno. Two players, one GM, seven years or game time to get through.... strikes me as a little intense. Kind of hard to keep it together without dousing them with plot. Eh, go figure.

I got the second half of the anime 'Fruits Basket' a while ago, and I think I'll watch it on the weekend. Gotta come into the lab, though, to make up some rather complicated and unpleasant media for growing this strange new bug of mine. Expect an update, I suppose, since I'll have little else to do while things autoclave.

Gotta run - meeting Jack.

Much love.
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