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It's... ALIVE!

Well, after going home and having some truly trippy fever-dreams, I think I've gotten through the worst of it. Still feel on the ill side, but no longer feverish, which is all I ask for (given that I'm sick virtually all the time anyway).

Big thanks to folks wishing wellness.

So I'm back at uni today with about a billion things to do, not to mention all the things I need to do with the Budokai. Stupid commitments.

Anyway, I am terribly excited with the prospect of seeing people. You see, I have a deep, dark, terrible secret...

There is a day, an up-coming day, which I was tempted to just call off entirely, but I suspect that I probably shouldn't. This day, which may or may not be monday, seems to be the ideal excuse to see people. However, I'm unsure of how to go about this (as my house is WAY too small). I was thinking some sort of venue which sells caffinated beverages, or food, or both... but apart from that the plan is a little vague. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are not good days for this plan. This may become a Saturday plan. We shall see...
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