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Well, this weekend was kind of good, all in all. Saturday was training (which for the next three months will be starting at 1 rather than 10, which means a sleep in after going out on fridays if I like), followed by yum cha with some friends and one of my best impulse buys ever - the first volume of Gloomcookie. Mmmm - goths.

Sunday was an awful committee meeting starting at 8 am (curses!), but it was all made better by (finally) catching up with niki_chan for the first time in absofuckinglutly too long. We wandered, did coffee, shopped, ate - all that good stuff. So, yeah, it was ace.

This morning Jye had a pretty thing to give me. I am a happy girl. And on those lines, a big thanks to Polly for texting me early morning. Yay.
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