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Surprizingly good

Thanks to all who gave me well wishes! All in all, it was a really, REALLY odd day. Odd in a good way, but a way that left me completely reeling in bemusement at everything. I was expected a very quiet, low key, uneventful and forgotten day. I did not recieve this at all, and I must say I was quite gladened by it.

I was awoken by Jye who gave me a very pretty ring (not one of those rings, in case anyone was wondering) with a rather nice dark red stone in it. "By the way," he said, "it's a ruby. And that silvery stuff is white gold." Eeeeep!

The day progressed pretty much okay after that until my mother met me for coffee to give me my present. Inside the heavy box was a laptop. A top of the line laptop, with bells and whistles. It's rather powerful, and has a combo drive. I think I almost fell off my chair.

After that, the day was kind of blurry, because I was so spun out by my prezzies. Then (after a brief meeting with my brother in the city) I went out for dinner with niki_chan, Jye and Cameron where I recieved one of the infamous Hello-Kitty "Shoulder Massagers"... very, very strange...

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