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"... not as single spies, but in batallions..."

Some fucker fucked up my fucking work. In other words, I found my cleaned, stained and mounted mouse jaws (all carefully numbered, but not yet analysed for bone loss due to a broken camera) has been knocked over and scattered about inside a cupboard in a very mysteriously deliberate fashion. Most of them are okay, some of them fell off their mounting (and thus I have lost track of what experimental group they are in), and I spent a good half hour sorting through the okay ones.

Then I got a draft back for the report I need to hand in - you know, the one I failed the first time and they had to extend my PhD probation for. Ouch. Bit problems with it, a lot to change, and it's due tomorrow.

Getting pretty damn fed up with the whole PhD thing now.

I need money to buy new shoes, for my GPs are finally wearing out after 3 or so years. Which is funny, because I need to spend all my money on food, bills, rent, and presents for Joshua and Kiri. So I will be either the shoeless, starving, cold/smelly, evicted or shunned-by-family PhD student. Stupid money. Stupid money running my life.

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