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Okay. I am officially warned, I think. Bastard report reduced me to tears on multiple occasions yesterday, not the least reason of which being that BOTH my supervisors were annoyed at me for not following due process and giving them drafts and such. Entirely my fault, mind you, which makes it just that little bit more difficult to deal with. Finally handed the fucker in, but was told that I needed to sit down and have a 'talk' with my supervisers about it.

Basically, I fucked up.

I have devised a new schedual which I will propose to them, one that will inflict structure on my random days in the lab. Part of this structure will include either weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the supervisors, as well as a quota of journals I need to research and updates I need to make to my written work.

I don't know, maybe I'm just not mature enough to deal with the PhD system of student-oriented research. Apparently I can't get my ass into gear my myself, so I'll have to be baby-sat for the next few years. I'm trying to be logical about this all, but it is still quite distressing.

At least I am facing the problem now, not running away from it.
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