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I am officially sick. I'm better than I was yesterday, but I am sick none-the-less. I probably shouldn't be in today, but I've taken so much time off recently that I'd feel guilty is I didn't. Not that today has been that productve.

The salt solution I tried to make wasn't, so we're trying again. But I doubt that I'll get the media finished today. I should probably just go home. Ah, well, I'll cope.

Things are going to sh*t at naginata with numerous people having issues and such. I'm just trying to keep my head down and stay out of the way of most of it, but I some how am not avoiding the extra responcibilities which keep cropping up. Crappy virtusl-senior student status.

Jye bought me eucalyptus tissues yesterday for my cold, which was nice of him. Today is our 2 year thingie what not. Since we're broke and I'm sick, we probably won't do aything too spesh (especially since his idea of romance is playing co-op Halo), but I have made him a Moogle to keep him happy. We'll see what happens.

I've been playing Might and Magick VIII of all things recently. Apparently, I am an 'Old School' rpg player. Go figure.

Bunyip goes in for her nose surgery tomorrow morning, and hopefully I'll get her back in the evening. I'm quite worried, really. She'll hate it, and then she'll hate me, and there will be crying and general badness. I'll keep you posted.

Must go and check my salts...
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