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Given how things have been going, it was only a matter of time before something broke. In this case, it was me.

I actually managed to beat my immune system into submission with my angst, and am officially sick with cold. Yay me. I woke up this morning with no voice, and I am trying to keep my throat from seizing up in pain with a stream of hot drinks (and the occasional soother). Nothing too serious, but just enough to keep me feeling nicely sickly. I probably just need sleep. No biggie.

Big thanks to all you folks who offered counsel. What can I say, I'm just a big fat drama queen. Maybe I should do something about my whole guilt complex. I dunno, it's been a weird month or so. I'm still haunted by the ghosts from my past.

Maybe I should go ghost hunting.

Oh, and everybody has to say hi to nuwishas_tail. Remember, he's just like me, only taller, skinnier and with a dubious goatee (a la 'Evil Kirk').
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