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Busy day ahead. Lots of work - but the work I feel will be cleansing. Burning away the silt and tarnish of guilt that comes from not working. Forging a hope that I can overcome my restraints and my flaws. Other psycho-babble stuff.

HArry Potter this week did not happen because I was all broken in the head and stuff. Note to self - time to make that appointment I've been dreading. ANyway, instead of playing Harry Potter, Jye, Scott and myself sat around watching and talking X-Men (because we are geeks), which was a nice, relaxed change.

My X-Men game, if I ever run it, will probably be set somewhere in Asia, by the way.

Anyway, because I am a big fat (sentimental) geek, I got to thinking, and was overcome by curiosity... what is your favourite comic-book kiss?

My personal choice is an X-Men one (because I am the afore mentioned big fat (sentimental) geek). It happened just after Rogue left the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and joined up with the X-Men, while everyone was in Japan for Wolverine's wedding. Things go pear-shaped and Rogue and Wolverine end up having to fight the bad guys by themselves. Rogue sacrifices herself to save Woverine and his fiancee, Mariko; but Wolverine does not letf her die. Nuff said.
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