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An Interview!

An interview for me from unsworn_nomore:

(1) You sometimes describe yourself as broken. What is it that makes you feel that way?

'Broken' as an adjective comes largely from a piece of artwork by Fred Gallager (Piro) from Megatokyo ( entitled "Broken Miho". It is a term which I use to describe things (often myself) which have, for whatever reason, stopped working efficiently in the manner for which they were designed.

As for me being 'broken'... when things happen that make me feel as though I can no longer 'interface', for want of a better word, with reality in all its pointy guises, declare myself officially 'broken'. Stress, guilt, illness and depression are all factors to this.

(2) Okay, so that's broken. What then would constitute "fixed"?

'Fixed' is easy. 'Fixed' is the state which comes after 'broken', assuming that one can pick themselves up off the ground and get back on with life. The actual mending process varies from situation to situation, ranging from chocolate, tea, a cuddle from a cat, to intensive therapy. Note that being 'fixed' does not mean you are protected from being 'broken' in the future.

(3) What comics do you read/have you read, and why?

I've actually read a whole bunch of comics, although it's only recently that I've become something of a collector. These include (but are not limited to) Sandman, Usagi Yojimbo, X-Men, Strangers in Paradise, Gloomcookie, the Crow, the Books of Faerie, Tank Girl, Aliens vs. Predator, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Too Much Coffee Man and Jonny the Homicidal Maniac (and to a lesser extent 'I feel sick').

The comics that I read generally have to have three elements to keep my attention - appealing artwork, interesting plot and compelling characters. If any of these vital ingredients are missing, I get bored and stop.

(4) So, you found that Tarot card innaccurate. What would be more accurate?

I don't think the Hermit is a card that really represents me. I think that out of the major arcana the Star is a better pick, given that it deals more with affairs of the heart and soul. The Hermit is too masculine a card for me, I think, too detatched and focused on the lone quest for wisdom. I am more of an emotional person than that. Out of the minor arcana, I tend to be affiliated more with either the Queen of Swords or the Eight of Swords.

(5) Assume that you had the requisite qualifications, talents, number of limbs, etc for the job. What job is it?

If not a science person, I think I'd be either a graphic designer or a writer. I have these grand schemes in the back of my mind that one day I'll leave science and become a web site design person (doing only front end stuff, not back end), or failing that I'll be one of them writer types. Probably not a novelist, because I don't really have the attention span, but I have been thinking recently about if I could write for either RPG companies or comics.

That, and I think it would be ace to be an actor.

Now, as knowledge is a three-edged sword, if anyone wants me to interview them (in the standard meme format of having me ask them 5 questions), leave me a comment asking me to. unsworn_nomore gets first choice, though. ;)
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