Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

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Cold winter's day

It is, you know.

I'm stuck in the lab, trying to cut as many corners as is physically possible. I'm just too tired and drained for this shit.

I hate crying. Stupid evrything.

Not a cry for help, just a state of being, just so you know.

All I can do is sit here and think about how good life would be if I was living someone else's instead of mine. Sure, I'm not living on the streets of Bangladesh trying to srape a living by sifting through massive piles of refuse, but I don't think I like my life much. Too much baggage. Too many people I've hurt. Too many people who have hurt me, usually without realising it. Too lonely to be content with being alone, too scared of people to go out and see them.

Even if I *am* over-sensitive, does it mean that I am the only one to blame? I wonder.

I'm going to give the St. John's Wort another try. Hopefully I won't have too many bad side effects this time. They suck.
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