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Cycling - things that are good get bad only so they can get good again

I went home yesterday with sickness after everybody told me to stop spreading my bacteria to everyone in the lab. Apparently this sickness thing has been spreading throughout the entire building, so the people who were not sick yet were understandably all for quarantine. So I spent most of the day o the couch, trying to sleep while I watched day-time soaps.

I am much better today, although my head is still secreting vast abouts of goo. Which is okay, I suppose, provided I can blow my nose frequently. I have a cough which comes and goes, nothing too sinister though, and a sore throat which gets better as the day goes on. It's all getting better, though, and it's amazing how much I appreciate little things like being able to walk up the stairs without getting light-headed, and being able to communicate in long sentances.

AND, the best bit is when I came in this morning. One of my supervisors met me by saying, "good morning, my PhD confirmed student". Which means that my report was accepted. Which means that after fourteen months I am officially, without a doubt, a scholarship-enhanced PhD student.

Sure, there's a lot of work ahead of me, but it's not for nothing now. :)
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