Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Bunyip the mighty

Bunyip went into the vet's today, and like the pheonix she will rise again! I had to take her food away last night, so she was the hungriest thing in the world. Lucky she didn't take it upon herself to devour me on the way there.

And she squeaked at me when I was leaving. How do cats know how to manipulate us so effortlessly? I'll be phoning up at about 4.30 to see when she can come home and how she's doing. Go, Bunyip, GO!

But I was deeply saddened by news that niki_chan missed ehr flight, and won't be in until wednesday at least. I miss her, and want to see her asap. Also, I hope Tom isn't still waiting for her at the airport...
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