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Aggresively mediocre

Why I hate being a scientist, #00027

The majority of scientists are so incredibly average, it is maddening. Sure, they study interesting things, but they can be so....... similar to everyone else. I mean, anything about a person which lies outside of the mainstream is pointed at and gawked at and given that 'this thing is different from me and thus makes be uncomfortable and full of judgement' look.

I pride myself on being not the same as everyone else. Lack of identity, like specailisation, is for insects. Nature abhors order - it is only through chaos and difference (albeit minor difference in most cases) that life can propegate. Why is it then that things which vary are treated with such maladjusted disdain?

For people who are observers of change and difference, for those who test the bounds of what we know, for those who seek new knowledge, I cannot understand why they do not treat difference with as much respect as their conservative natures. I will not go to the pub on fridays to drink beer or wine. I will not enter into footy tipping competitions. I will not stop wearing lace and velvet and spandex, or anime t-shirts with wide eyed girls with their hands places their hands should not be. I will NOT give up my army boots. I will wear fishnets on my unshaven legs, and dammit, I will not regret it.

Yes, pretentious I may be, but I am who I am - not who others believe that I should be.
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