Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Eeek! Questions from morgan303!

1. Which anime do you think you'd fit into the best, and why?

Ooo, tough one. For one I'd *actually* fit in, it would have to be one of the more normal ones, like "Fruits Basket" or other high-school romance type. Becase I'm a high school romance sort of girl. On the other hand, if it were an anime that I didn't have to be 'normal' per se, then I think that I might just be crazy enough for "Excel Saga".

2. How does sparring with the naginata make you feel?

A frightening combination of blood-lust an terror. I'm usally petrified, but recently, as I've been getting used to wearing armor more often, I've been coming to grips with it. Now I just have this weird sense of competition. I want to defeat my opponent, and even though I don't want to hurt them I will attack them viciously. Which is wierd, because I'm a pacifist. I think the fact that it is a very controlled enviromnet, with rigid rules of behaviour, is the only way that I could bring myself to do it.

3. What do you think would make you happier?


4. (Geek alert!) You wake up in a patch of grass near a sign saying "Balmora, this way", and realise you're in Morrowind! Where do you go, what do you do (frankly, my dear, we *do* give a damn) and which guilds/houses/factions do you join?

Well, this is easy since I am a Kajit. They always have it easy. I head over to Balmora, I join as many guilds as I can to begin with, and then I do quests for the mages and the theives guilds. Once I've worked my way up the ranks a little, I head over to Vivec and creep into the Ordinator barracks and loot them blind (without getting caught), because Indoril armor is worth a massive amount of cash. Especially because I can't wear shoes, so I won't be tempted to keep some of the stuff. After that, I join house Hlallu and the Morag Tong - because there is nothing better than making your living as an assassin while fixing thew corrupt house from the inside out. Then it's off to the Daedric shrines for loot! Loot I say!

5. Are there any of the major pharmaceutical companies for whom you would refuse to work (on moral/ethical grounds, or any other)? Why?

Particular companies? That's a bit of a tough one... but which ever company it was which now has the rights to the Hepatitis B vaccine would be right up on the top of the list. These assholes got the patent to produce the vaccine, right, so no one else can. Which means that they can charge as much as they like for it (and I believe that's about $50 a dose). That's fine for us people in a first world country, but for the millions of people in the thrid world, the ones who need the vaccine more than we do given their living conditions, there is no way in HELL that the vaccine s going to be avaliable. Those ass-holes, in my mind, are the sort of folk who should not be left breathign without an artificial lung, let alone employing me.

You know the deal - any one who wants the favour returned just ask.
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