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Other news

Our building caught on fire yeaterday.

Actually, a heater caught on fire, but we were all supposed to evacuate the building anyway. None of us did, mind you.

Jye stayed up until 4.30 am to finish reading OOtP. No doubt he will be sleepy beyond recognition tonight.

I'm still waiting for my nasty bruise to show up on my forearm from training on Saturday (where the senior student missed my kote armour and got me instead). It's bruised under the skin, and I can faintly see it, but it's annoying to have this dull ache but nothing to show for it.

Work is... work-like. I've brought my laptop in today, so I'm probably going to break-down and start typing up this idea I have for a story..... three characters; a theif, a sorceress, and a paladin. Because I am a big fat geek.

I am also in an oddly good mood. Crazy moods.
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