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The Shiny New Laptop

My shiny new laptop makes my works days full of music. Hurrah.

My hope is that the shiny new laptop will help to organise both my work life and my creative life, keeping my writing/RPGing/artistry all in the right places and tidied up. It also means that I should be able to keep track of my billions of game ideas, such as house_fiona (ooo - shameless plug), and write on them when ever I become inspired.

In other news, all the best of luck to everyone going to the World Naginata Championships in San Jose, California. My prediction is that the Belgium team will come out on top, given that the Japanese team isn't going to attend due to fears of SARS and terrorism. Big special wishes go to my senpai Ms Worrall, who might be graded for Ni-Dan.

Work calls to me, and my bacterial media won't make itself...
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