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I finally have an answer as to why my sternum has been hurting so very much.

Apparently, I have damaged the cartelaginous joint between my right fourth rib and my sternum, causing it so become inflamed and painful. The problem is, because it is a joint with is constantly moving (with breathing and such), it takes an ass-load of time to heal. However, I have been prescribed some anti-inflammatories, so the ouchiness should get better soonish.

In other news, for last night's Harry Potter session (the second last one), I threw seven dark wizards at my players. Just for the hell of it. They survived, by the way, and will be facing of against Magnus next session.

Work is workie and bad, but what do you expect. I am planning Changeling stuff as we speak. I also picked up a copy of the Alister Crowly Thoth tarot today, just to see how it goes. I'm probably just going to use it for game stuff, but who knows...
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