Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Names and adventures

I've pretty much decided to name my girls Cinder and Tanuki. Cinder is grey, the colour of fine ash, and is a little aloof, and while she was the more boisterous of the pair she seems to be the most stayed at the moment. Tanuki (who will probably get called Nuki most of the time) has unbelieveably soft fur, and is terribly affectionate combined with being terribly skittish.

My arms ache from stretching them under the couch to pat the girls. Tanuki craves the affection, and will rub and purr against my hands (with the occasional, playful chewing). Cinder seems to disdain human contact at the moment, but this morning I had the small victory of having her sit quietly and purr as I stretched to stroke her. They are getting more settled and happier, then, if I can make them both purr. That's how I see it.

I'm keeping them closed in the front room until they feel comfortable enough to do some exploring. There was evidence that they had come out from under the couch last night - toys were scattered, some food was gone, the litter tray had footprints but no leavings in it. So, they're not completely terrified, which is a good thing.

I changed their food this morning when I said hello. I slipped the dry food bowl under for them, and they both had a nibble, but I've left it on the outside of the couch for now. So long as they know there is food, eventually hunger will bring them out. I'm hoping they work out that the litter tray is there for their use, not for decoration, while I'm out of the house today.

I know I'm serious about these two because I slipped Bunyip's favourite fluffy blanket under the couch for them. It's very soft and warm, and I hope that they like it.

Cinder and Tanuki, under the couch Cinder and Tanuki, under the couch

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