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Possets Perfume

Descriptions (that I could find) of the Possets bottles I own.

Agrophilia: How about a nice big chewy gooey and heavenly outer shell crispy macaroon? Doesn't that sound good? The kind with the candied cherry in the middle which you save until last as you savor the slightly hot and overly sweet rest of the cookie. A well made macaroon is a joy!

California: Sunshine in a Bottle, California--Golden, sunny citrus and honey. A small desert flower blooms but way in the distance, and you have to admit that this really is a beautiful place. Much more honeyed than floral, unbelievably pretty (but a man could get away with wearing it). It's like an American Chypre with the orange and sunny parts of the resins.

Chocolaye Pepys: Three types of chocolate, and a good shot of chocolate liquor compliment the mainstay of marshmallow which foams wildly around this marvelous mass.

Churpz: Churpz is simple all-out pleasure in things which are sweet and gooey and a mental orgasm.

Complex Sugar: Something sweet, very sweet but yet subtle with a hint of something your tongue and mind just keep on chasing around and never quite catching. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, it is that which satisfies completely but leaves you craving more. Complex sugar, the height of civilization, no?

Cri de Coeur: The fragrance is a real stunner, a true Posset with large lashings of Vanilla, nougat, coconut, sweet musk, tobacco flower,swirling cotton, a drop of nag champa, chypre, black musk and sugar cane. There is the essence of a very good dragon's blood in it, a small amount of lime, and lime blossom.

Flossing: A comforting blend of gingery peppery small vanilla and wood, Flossing is very cheery and is like being the Queen in a Sewing Bee!

Fluoxetine: Please note, this is only perfume and NOT A DRUG! The chemical cocktail of olfactory goodies will have you sniffing and smiling in no time. Forget your worries and cares and surrender to this candylike sugary fragrance.


Forever Home: Forever Home was one of my "only let this recipe be a special special one". It is what you love to smell when you come home after a hard day: tea and cakes mingle with the smallest pinches of spices and a smooth overlay of vanilla and a few indefinable goodies.

Frilly Garters: A very mellow apricot and a spicy buttery oil are what starts this off in an unusual way, followed by just the tiniest dot of "green" smell, and a very small amount of cocoa "liquor" (which does not smell like a chocolate bar at is much drier and gets to the heart of the candy much faster). You will definitely want to show off this concoction. There is a bit of fruitlike fragrance to it but nothing at all like a strictly fruity mix.

Gabby: Like a ghost drifting into your consciousness. Very smooth, very suave, very insinuating. Gabby is the perfect Halloween kitty who has you loving her sweet soft ways. Two ambers twine suggestively like a cat's tail around a center of pure milk and a shot of sugar, or better than sugar! Very nice stuff.

Gingerbread Crackhouse: Oh me, oh my! This one is redolent with ginger (the best European type) and one special ingredient everyone is talking about. It's one you will be reaching for time and again, and really takes advantage of all that chocolate which Possets does so very well.

Gingerbread Whorehouse: That gingerbread house from your childhood? Well the neighborhood has changed and now it sports a red light out front! Very foody, very sweet, very sexy, very grown up in a sex kitten way. This is European Gingerbread given an American Cajun jolt with the spices, cher!

Grace of the Posset: Lighter than the Yule Posset but with a sweet and insinuating creaminess, cut with enough non-sweet parts to make it a succulent wonder.

Haute Love: Imagine chocolate covered ginger which is forced to marry a gooey sticky sweet and all consuming center. It is so is so very sinful!

Heart Attack: Very sticky very gooey chocolate and vanilla and nougat and butter and the thinnest skin of crystallized sugar which crunches when you bit into it, an off limits mish mash of doctor disapproved goodies.

Highway 666:

Id: Id is all fun with drippy gooey chocolate and a heart of vanilla caramel, a kiss of lavender, and sweet sugary indulgence.

Kate: Liquor soaked pears with candied pecans and a dollop of cream and caramel but not all over powering sweet, as hard as that is to believe.

Lambs: Soft soft soft sweet and innocent, Lambs is a perfectly proper scent for a child-like aura. Creamy, light, and winsome;

Maggie: Well, Maggie the fragrance smells just like....s'mores, home-made s'mores with great dark high-toned chocolate, fancy snooty marshmallows and, well, the only kind of graham crackers you should use (the kind you get in the supermarket but they are oh, so good).

Mark: Marzipan and punch! Mark the kitty got a bit too curious and somehow slid off the table and carried the punch bowl with him! Actually it ended up smelling pretty good, make that real good with bits of apricot squeezed together with the lemons which once crowned the creation, champagne, some crushed Jordan almonds and big assortment of marzipan fruits.

Mincemeat: So rich, strong and filled with good things. Brandy, citron, candied angelica, molasses, and more. You can only stand a teaspoonful once a year but that one teaspoonful is beyond reproach. Very deep, if it was a color it would be Burnt umber.

Mrs Rabbit’s Carrot Cake: he most moist and vanilla drenched melting cake shot through with sugar encrusted rum kissed currents and golden raisins (which crunch in your mouth) and crowned with the richest butterfilled sour cream and ricotta frosting and trimmed with tiny spun sugar carrots, grass, and... I cannot go on.

Ohio: Well, this one is in the Midwest (which is noted for its simple and delicious fare), a foody blend here several delectable chocolates play serious footsie with nuts and gooey delights. This harkens to the candy called "buckeyes" which is a combination of nut butters and chocolate.

Perpetual Motion Machine: Smooth action makes you think it can go on forever, sweet and non medicinal, this is the seductive side of science. Deeply buffed wood and suave vanilla, a secret emollient and something wonderfully perfumy.

Pippin Pie: The juiciest and most tart apples, the flakiest and most buttery pastry, heaps and heaps of sugar and a kiss of spice.

Rabbitas: An entity of rabbity gravity should smell like strawberry rhubarb pie, should it not? Indeed the tangiest and most strawberried and rhubarbed goodness is the perfect counterpoint to a flaky and buttery crust thoroughly crunchy with extra vanilla and such exquisite bits of sugar crystals forming in the tart heart of a perfectly spiced confection.

Reason: About 6 vanillas and three toffees and a big glop of butter and cream on it all. I have envied chocolate lovers as their favorite treat comes to them in a bar, whereas we vanillaites have to go through lots of exercises to enjoy our obsession. Reason will make you feel totally catered to, with vanilla on top of vanilla with a very gooey and butter laden liquid toffee encapsulation.

Ribbands: This is the scent of a moment of relaxation and satisfaction that you have done your best at the holidays and you are so very happy with what you have done. Smooth suave but exciting sweet base hosts a drop of exotic spice and the indescribable smell of the accoutrements of the holidays. I think of it as the smell of ribbons and wrapping paper, the stolen Holiday treat, and the afternoon free with your best friend.

Silver Ginger: It's not your average over-lemony kitchen ginger. No, this one is a very smooth and sweet but alluring concoction pushed with just the right amount of aromatics and that wonderful silver base which makes everything heavenly. I think you will like this special and frothy recipe.

Simulated Cupid: Oooo spice, ooooo frosting, ooooo skin...clean skin. My word. Simulated Cupid has your number and has you in the chute to make you swoon. More fun than a barrel of itching powder. Again, what can you say which is more on the mark than "simply beautiful"? There are a lot of levels to Simulated Cupid: an element of adult sophistication, a side of juvenile hi jinx, a bit of tell tale frosting stuck on the corner of your mouth.

Sloe Byrne: Rum, butter, sugar, and caramel. Sloe Byrne is a decadent mixture of lovely sweet things which are forbidden but so tempting.

Smellbutin: If your spirits are wilted, Smellbutrin will lift them for sure. Simple, easy, and effective: cream, sugar, butter, and a pinch of salt, frosting, sprinkles can you be down when you have Smellbutrin to pull you back up?

Sour Puss:

Sprung: My working name for this one is "Cherry Chino" or "Easter in Italy". It is opening up a most special Easter basket on a perfect morning when the scent of the most perfect expresso is floating into your room. You open up the cellophane on your white chocolate Easter egg and the divine scent makes you stop everything and float away just for a second. Montmorency cherry is brushed with glorious fresh ground Italian coffees and finally encased in excellent white chocolate.

Sugar Puss: Sugary, with a kiss of red jam and the smooth creamy note which Possets is so famous for.

Sweet Potato Pie: The silliest of the silly, Sweet Potato Pie is what you just crave even over that almost good-for-you pumpkin pie that your mother keeps on pushing on you. Nope, this is the stuff with the lard/butter crust, the gobs of orange gooey goodness, extra sugar, and cream, very little spice and … you get the picture. No fiber (fiber-free), loaded with trans fats and free radicals, replete with refined white sugar, and rich on oxidants.

The Ghost of Christmas Past: In the spirit of Dickens, here is a scent hearkening back to the good old days. Zesty and tingling. Licorice, Black coconut, an icy non-mint musk, and a marigold leaf. A bit of an adventuresome scent and worth the trip

The Girls Love a Good Posset: Oh so sweet, the honey and the pastry cream. This is the best French pastry cream, so buttery and makes love to your tongue. This is the stuff you find under those excellent plums, a thin coating of heavenly custard (no plums here though...nothing good for you at all).

The Girls Love to Chai-Chai-Chai: The Girls like to get together to plan their season in the spring when they first wake up. What a nice thing to have a tiny translucent cup of chai as they gather round and listen to the Queen talk about their aspirations for spring. Lively blood orange and a couple of rose buds make this chai extra special. Teas, dark and sustaining and the persistent scent of honey and spices make this a most memorable blend. Not too heavy but perfect for chilled spring days.

The Girls Love Vanilla: For anyone who loves loves loves the smell of vanilla, this is the supersaturated honey soaked, sinful, hedonistic custom rare and unabashed blend you have been waiting for. Outrageously lovely. Too pretty for angels almost, but not too pretty for you!

The Queen’s Strawberry: I have indeed gone there and I can say that there is little which is sweeter or more to savour than to allow one of those fine fine berries fairly melt away on your tongue with the cream of the Gods attending, and washing it all down with good champagne whilst chatting up a good looking Englishman (or Welshman, or Scot, or Irishman).

Trixie: Trixie is so sweet she is all flowers and candy. Very pink, in a fuchia way, and very fashionable always. Feeling like you need a boost, Trixie is just the thing for you. It's like going shopping with your most bubbly friend who always manages to spot the perfect thing for you.

Wiley: To kick off the holiday season, the residents of Cincinnati show off what a great baking town they are with schnecken which is the sweetest and stickiest baked confection you have ever had. It is indeed drizzled in and soaked in a supersaturated sugar solution which heats water until it holds far more than normal dissolved sugar. You then put the baked cinnamon rolls in it and let them absorb the warm sugar solution. Sugar crystallizes out of the liquid and reforms around the bottom of the buns. Boy, that is really really really heavenly. There is too much butter in it, there is the best of all cinnamon and the most toothsome bun in it all. This is really heaven.

Winter Wedding Cake: The bride wore white, it was snowing, and the wedding cake was this super sweet confection made all out of things that make winter cooking special. A yellow cake trimmed in white sugar-butter frosting, and a layer of the most subtle delicate mocha creme was hidden in-between the layers of moist and almost custard like cake.
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