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Girls' Night In

Had an absolutely ACE time last night. Met up with future_legend, niki_chan and Polly. We made pasta, we ate, we gossiped, and we watched girlie Hong Kong Action. "So Close", to be exact. Elevator fight scenes rock.

niki_chan also gave me my belated birthday present, a picture of an anime girl (who looked remarkable like me) flashing her panties. It was great.

I am resolved to see more of future_legend in the days to come, because we both are going through a similar phase of life right now. That, and when we get together we can cook the foods our respective boys hate to eat.

Jye did eventually come home after his 'secret men's business' meeting with Scott, but I was too busy with the girls to hassle him about it. All for the best, probably. And I also spoke to a man about my tattoo, which with most likely happen within this month. Scary, true, but something I feel I need to do.

So today I am in a good mood, with knee-high socks and high-heels to prove it.
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