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The second ace night in a row...

So last night was the very last Harry Potter session. After a year and a half, the game is finally over. I don't feel like it's really over yet, but I know that it is. It's strange - when I started the game, I had a kind of laid back attitude towards it, quite unsure of how long the campaign would last. After a few player changes along the way, who would have thought I'd make it this far? I have an odd sense of achievement, a kind of deep seated satisfaction from knowing that I have done something big and monumental, at least in my GMing life. (If you're interested in the session, I can tell you about it later.)

Jye and Scott also gave me presents, which was very nice. A Quidditch T-shirt (in Ravenclaw colours, they assure me), and a few other things including a very touching gift. It was originally a little photo album, but they wrote a few lines for each of the major PCs and NPCs of the campaign in it (including, you'll be pleased to know, the house elf Pencil). It was terribly sweet.

The other ace thing which happened was that during the game, quite unexpectedly, Liz showed up at my front door. We didn't have a whole lot of time to catch up, because Scott needed to leave to get PT home (which he ended up missing anyway... oops...), but it was so wonderful and unexpected to see her. It was weird as we sat and talked, because she hasn't changed much appearance wise... I mean, I had this strange thing going on where I was sure I was remembering the converstation, rather than it was happening directly infront of me.

We haven't really changed, either of us, just matured.

But what was really, really odd was what subtle changes had come over our personalities. When we were at school together she would always be a little nervous, or frantic, constantly worried of doing or saying the wrong thing. In many ways I felt I had to stick up for her and protect her a little, because I was the vivacious, hyper-confident one. Nothing would stand in my way, but everything seemed to hold Liz back.

The strange thing is that now Liz has become over time much more self-assured and confident, a strong figure who can stand on her own and be who she is, proudly. I, on the other hand, have become meek, shy, and resigned, plagued by guilt over the insult I have caused people and terrified of rejection. There was always a kind of symmetry between Liz and myself, so I guess on one level it makes a whole lot of sense.

I am really, really happy that she is now so content and in control of her life. I just hope she'll stay that way if I ever get my life in order.

I must remember to read "Sister Light, Sister Dark" by Jane Yolen again...
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