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When did I become such an anxious person?

For the passed two days now, I have been so filled with anxiety that I have a constant faint nausea and I have not slept very much at all (and it's broken sleep when I can get it). Mostly from this stupid CSL work I've been doing (and not doing as well as my employer would like), but more recently from VNR/ANF/INF money crap. Some guy was supposed to tell me how much money he put in an account so that I could transfer it to another account, but he never got in contact with me, so now I am in trouble from my sensei because people have been chasiang after this guy for money. Sure, I phoned up the bank and found out how much money it was and everything THIS MORNING, but this all should have been done a week or so ago. It really sucks, I hate dissapointing people or having to be chased up about work. Particularly by Mrs Nagae, because I have such deep respect for her and I hate to let her down.

In other news, I'm having a bit of a problem deciding what I should do with my idea of the photographic series of the tarit major arcana.

I don't know what is best for me to do - the artistic interpretation, or the more 'spiritually' accurate interpretation. I mean, it's a tough choice between what my vision of the cards could be on the basis of form and composition alone, or by chosing models on the basis of how they best relate or represent the cards on an emotional and spiritual level. It's really hard to do both, especially without offending or annoying some people. Any ideas?

Jye and I also went to morgan303's and Tom's house last night for dinner. It was all really good, even if Jye had to cope with the lack of meat. We also loaded the Bloodmoon expansion to Morrowind on both morgan303's computer and mine. I'm pretty chipper about playing it sometime tonight. But then again, I also have a massive pile of dishes to contend with. Sigh.
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