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Ooooo boy, am I good at the whole drama thing. I guess the one good thing that can be said is that at least I don't do anything small.

After moping and not sleeping for days, when I finally spoke to Mrs Nagae about the whole money thing, it turns out she just wanted to talk to me in person about it (given as how her english, while excellent, is much better in person). The end result of which is I simply wasn't given all the information I needed, and thus was not able to do anything with the money anyway, until at least tomorrow, when I am told the exact amount to transfer. So, that was a great big pile of drama for no reason.

Saturday night I went out with Cameron an co for a birthday do. All was going fine until we couldn't get tickets for the 9.40 pm showing of the movie (as it was sold out). We decided on going to the 11pm screening instead, except that I couldn't go because I had to get up early the next morning for a committee meeting. We killed time for an hour or so, but when everyone decided to head to the movie I started saying my good-byes. But the problem was, not everyone had heard that I couldn't make the later screening of the film, and thus got rather upset with me.

And I cried most of the way home. Because if you're going to be a drama queen, you have to do it properly.

Anyway, the Sunday morning meeting was ok, with a lot of stuff done, but I was pretty fucking miserable. In fact, I spent all of sunday moping about the house. I spoke to niki_chan for a long while on the phone last night, and that helped a bit. I think we have decided to go into business together, which is more than a little odd.

But things seem to have been sorted out today, so I'm hoping that everything will go a little smoother from here-on-in.

Having coffee with morgan303 today, which should be good. I suspect we will talk about Gloomcookie and giggle maniacally.
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