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For the record, the post I made yesterday was in relation to somethings which happened in my own journal, not someone else's. Don't make me out to be all noble and stuff where I'm not - I don't tend to fight other people's battles for them.

It also isn't related to just one person (there are at least two), or any one topic either. It's a long story, but it's my story, and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't make it someone else's. It's my journal, after all. Stop reading if it offends you.

I'm not getting involved in other people's politics; I hardly know about what is going on outside my own life. My life is shit enough right on my own, and I have no real interest in being dragged into the mire of other people's (quite important and far-reaching) problems.

I just don't want my conscience niggled any more for stuff I did many years ago - that's it. I'm sorry to all folks who thought I was talking about them, because I wasn't. I'm too selfish for all of that, and my life revolves around me. Selfish, selfish me.

I'm not taking sides, I'm just looking out for myself. Because I am a selfish person.
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