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And now for something completely different

Cameron came over last night. We had dinner and cake and laughed a whole lot. I've missed him heaps, more than I admitted to myself I think. It was grand to see him, and I want to see him more. Because I've been shit, and havn't seen much of him. He's one of those folks who I can just sprawl across and be me around.

Sure he's a bit pointy, but aren't we all, in our own ways?

Niki-chan and Tomasu came over for a bit as well, which was grand. Much ace-ness.

I made a cake from scratch, which wasn't the best cake in the world, but I was terrified about it flopping or not being cooked in the middle, so I was over-joyed when it turned out structurally sound.

And today, because I was screwed around by the bank for AGES, I did some book shopping. I also quite unexpectedly ran into Scott and Lon, and we had coffee. All in all, I think my attempts to gain a greater control over my life seem to have been a very positive effect over me. True, it's only been two days, but we shall see.
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