Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Violette Market Perfume

Descriptions of Violette Market perfume bottles in my collection.

After Dark (LE); A sinister yet playful combination of pink spun sugar, bubble gum melted into gritty asphalt, sweet fruity musk, smokey vanilla, and a lingering menace of dark resins.

Beggars' Night (LE); Honey chews, vanilla nougat, chocolate bars, butterscotch sticks, creamy caramel pulls, warmed skin musk, and Jack-O-Lanterns glowing at each door.

Cold Confections Cart (LE); Fudgesicles, cherry popsicles, orange sherbert pops, lime stars, lemon freezes, vanilla ice milk cups, and frozen strawberry slushies.

Marty (Magic Fingers) McVay (LE);Smoky vanilla, golden resins, sweet vanilla tea spiced with cinnamon, and dirty white amber.

Midway (LE); A sweet, nostalgia-inducing array of sugared elephant ears, funnel cake, pink cotton candy, candied apples, black cherry tartlets, the heat of August, and laughter carried into the night sky.

The Midway Taffy Pull (LE); An array of colorful taffy swirling through the taffy pull in the sweet flavors of: Bourbon vanilla, vanilla cream, pink sugar cane, lemon blossom, orange cream, raspberry truffle, blueberry, and caramel.

Miss Danie Doe, The Cathouse Kitties (LE); Creamy Harvest pumpkin cheesecake with a hint of cloven spice.

Miss Dixie Hart, The Cathouse Kitties (LE); Orchard apple pie with rich caramel crumb crust topped with vanilla and cinnamon-infused whipped cream.

Pie-Eating Contest (LE); Harvest peach, country apple, and sweet cherry pies half-eaten and scattered across a table among globs of chocolate pudding, lemon meriangue, coconut cream, and vanilla custard.

Vintage Beekeeper; Honey absolute, golden resins, clove bud, cinnamon bark, creamed vanilla accord, and weathered wooden hive.

The West Indies; Fresh coconut milk, the salty mist of the sea, dark spices from a nearby port-of-call, sweet rum and tobacco flower.
Tags: perfume, violette market
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