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List of Bloodrop Perfume Bottles

Blooddrop Clothing and Fineries perfume bottles in my collection.

Caramel Apple (LE); Layering note

C’EST FINI (LE); If you need a message that’s a little classier, then why not say it in French? Golden honey, raspberry, fig leaf, sweet myrrh and bay.

Cocoa Absolute (LE); Layering note

Libertine Oona Swindlehurst-Toussaint, The Time Seer, Granddaughter of The Womb Perfume (LE); She sings songs with her eyes. Childlike and all-knowing, a playfully, dark blend of pumpkin sweets, vanilla cookies, caramel apples, sweetened milk, aged ginger, nutmeg and molasses.

MEH (LE); It’s just not very exciting. No spark, no real zing, bland like over-cooked peas.
Virgin coconut cream, pineapple, lemon cake, pink pepper, cardamom, cinnamon leaf and white amber.

Merci 42; free surprise/random gift, no description.

Poisson-globe (Puffer fish) (LE); Oddly adorable is this rotund, poisonous fishy! Cream, blackberry soda, baobab, ginger lily, watermelon and basil.

Snow Balls (LE)

U STINK (LE); Literally or metaphorically, here you go. Blueberry coulis with a hint of lime, virgin coconut cream, vanilla sandalwood, ice milk, teak and sage.