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hum drum day

Today has been a kind of hum drum, yet busy day. All sorts of things have been happening, but none of it seems to be to overwhelming or underwhelming. If that's a word. I've just felt so odd. Probably the weather.

Went to Lucky Cup. Green Apple Blended Ice - tasty.

Tell me, is it wrong to have soft thoughts for a co-worker when one is in a long term committed (dare I say 'de facto') relationship? I think it probably is, but I *know* that nothing is going to come out of it, and that nothing is in jeapordy, but still. I havn't really thought softly on any one since Jye and I started going out. I guess it's just a little... odd. I feel as though I should feel guilty, even though there is nothing to feel guilty about. Eh (shrug).

I seem to be mostly better now, though my chesty (fwah!) cough is still around. A little worse today, but nothing that a day in bed won't fix. Not that I am going to have a day in bed for a while... eventually I'll be better, I'm sure. We'll see.

Got an idea for a con game for Arc this year. We'll see how that goes.

Hopefully I'll find out about niki-chan's movements tonight, so that I can give her the biggest hug in the world.

Look after yourselves.
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