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The perils of periodontopahogens

So my stupid bugs are taking their sweet-ass time to grow (being all anarobic and stuff), so it looks like I'll have no choice but to come in and work this weekend. Which stucks, because I had stuff planned. I'll check again this afternoon, but I get the feeling that I'm gonna have to squeeze in lab visits after training but before going out tomorrow, and maybe after I see a movie with Liz on sunday. The biggest annoyance is that the experiment I need to do takes an hour or so to accomplish. Blearg.

Why oh why couldn't I have chosen a nice, simple to grow set of bugs like E. coli or random Staphylococcus species? Why did I choose the nasty fastidious, slow growing anareobes?

In other news, I think I have either a stress fracture or some sprained ligaments in my foot. Again. Curse my brittle bones. I've strapped my ankle to stop from twisting it (I'm walking kindof strange to favour the non-ouchie side of my foot), but apart from that there is little I can do but wait and see. No swelling, generalised tenderness and localised pain, especially when pressured.

Stupid foot. At least if I had a club foot, people would be able to laugh at my deformities with their funny names.
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