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I am become Shiva, destroyer of mice

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is, I won't have to kill all of my mice today. The bad news is, I have to spread out the trauma of killing mice over two days. Curse my supervisor for being too busy.

I got to play with congealed mouse blood on friday (had to seperate the blood cells from the sera). Came to the realization that congealed mouse blood is the exact same colour as summer pudding, which was a little disturbing.

All in all I had a good weeked, although I didn't do that much. I caught up with many more poeple that I was expecting to (Tom, Sean, Sarah, Kirsten from naginata, Del and Cameron) which was rather strange in and of itself. I guess this means that I am moving closer to that whole socialising thing again. Scarey.

I also played a bunch of a PS2 game called 'Shadow of Memories'. It is actually very good, in retrospect. It is quite artsy and thought provocing, kind of a mystery-thriller-adventure game. It is quite short (but with six possible endings you are supposed to play it through multiple times) and the graphics weren't spectacular (no FMV to be seen), but what really struck me was how well motion captured it was. The people actually moved like people. It was really cool. I'm gonna check out a faq before I play though again, so I know how to get the other endings.

But I still can't shake that nagging feeling that in a couple of hours, I shall officially be a cold-blooded killer. I don't like this part of science. Sigh.
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